Olio Clara Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Olio Clara, the Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Olio Clara is produced by the Consorzio Clara and was created with the intention of protecting and enhancing the Marche region's olive-growing heritage. Few people know that our region, with its 20 typical cultivar, can make us travel in an experience of flavors that we could only try traveling all over Italy.

The variety Ascolana Tenera gives us a scent of green tomato similar to what we could try in Sicilian varieties; the Rosciola and the Sargano di Fermo offer us so delicate oils that they can be compared to the Ligurian Taggiasca or the oils of Lake Garda; other cultivars that hit with the artichoke notes, such as the Piantone di Falerone or of almond like the Raggia are very reminiscent of the Tuscan and Umbrian oils; and then we can not help talking about Mignola which never ceases to amaze with its incredible taste of wild berries that lingers in the mouth! All this heritage of knowledge must be told and we have started doing it!

The production of quality organic olive oil is an exciting adventure, full of unexpected and rigid laws of nature. Faced with so much energy required, the choice of producing extra-virgin olive oil from organic farming becomes a choice that enhances, enriches and honors the goal of quality by acting with respect for the environment. Producing organic olive oil also means offering an all-round sensory experience, which involves the 5 senses.

We decided to devote ourselves particularly to the organic crops currently at risk of genetic erosion, from which we obtain high quality extra-virgin olive oil with high organoleptic properties.
In fact, the preparation of Olio Clara begins with the production of specific mono-varietal oils, which in addition to being in danger, present particular gustatory and olfactory characteristics and, only subsequently, these oils are combined to create a harmonious blend. Thanks to this procedure we obtain: the highest quality of the product, an exceptional wealth of aromas and flavors, a high content of precious polyphenols, without ever becoming too bitter or spicy. Find out why!

Because our organic extra-virgin olive oil is called Clara?

In latin Clara has three meanings that for us represent: past, present and future.

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